About our Founder:
Crystal Crowley

About our Founder:  Crystal Crowley


You’ve made it to the About Page! I always love reading these, learning more about the real people behind the site and content you are reading. I would love to introduce myself. I am Crystal Crowley, Founder & CEO of Aya Inspired. This is my dream site, my heart’s calling and my true purpose.

I am so delighted that you are here. I hope that you find something here that speaks directly to your heart, inspires you in some way, maybe even makes you laugh a little, but mostly: brings about a positive change in your life today.

I am here to provide you with a wealth of information about how you can improve every aspect of your life – starting right now where you are at THIS VERY MOMENT.

I like to write as if we are sitting across the table with a cup of coffee and catching up. I will give it to you straight as I see it, on whatever topic is calling to me to share and often with a bit of humor. No sense taking things so dang seriously all the time.

My goal is to help you achieve a more empowered, purposeful and passionate life. It is what we all deserve and what is very much attainable.

My core gift to you is to show you how to keep fighting and have persistence in your life; because the end result is worth it.

I will do this by:

 Showing you how to embrace the right mindset for success and expose those things that are holding you back.

  Educate you about truths with your body and health using on science-based facts and functional medicine principles.

   Inspire you to live a fuller life from my own experiences and successes.

I have had some major peaks and valleys in my life, and discovered through much personal work and physical trials that the answers to finding true mind-body wellness lies within yourself.

It is already there. Waiting to be discovered. Waiting to be unleashed in a big, beautiful and powerful way.

So come along with me and discover what you are capable of…

Your Aya Inspired Life is waiting.



I have been married for 20 years to my awesome college sweetheart Bob.

About Aya Inspired Crystal Crowley Wife


We oversee a daily 3-ring circus of chaos attempting to properly parent our 3 daughters (10, 12 and 14 – yes, 3 girls and no, we don’t tolerate drama), fit in a workout, get stuff done for work, food on the table, homework done, navigate sports schedules, find time for some fun and then get a good night’s sleep. It all most definitely does not happen every day. So, we just ask for a little Grace and move on!

About Aya Inspired Crystal Crowley mom


I’m a 2-time, stage 3 advanced metastatic melanoma cancer survivor. Currently NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE. It is by God’s grace, mind-blowing developments in cancer treatments and my own healthy strong body and lifestyle that I am alive today. I am a miracle. I’d like to never, ever forget that.

About Aya Inspired Crystal Crowley Cancer Survivor


I’m living life now with multiple auto-immune diseases I developed after cancer treatments: adrenal insufficiency, hypothyroidism, pituitary dysfunction, food sensitivities and gut health issues. Not exactly fun stuff. But the alternative was to be dead from cancer, so hey, all perspective, right? It has been horribly frustrating and a struggle for me, but it is manageable and with Functional Medicine even more so… I have so much to share about the things I have learned and things that have helped me.

About Aya Inspired Crystal Crowley Auto-immune Disease


I have the unique opportunity to combine my vast medical knowledge as a PA for the last 14 years with the methodology of functional medicine and my personal life’s experiences to creatively and passionately help you become Aya Inspired and achieve balance and progress in all aspects of their life. I love being a PA and currently work in a pediatric emergency department. Medicine has always been my life. Combining conventional advances with functional wisdom will be key to optimal health.

About Aya Inspired Crystal Crowley Physician Assistant


I am a staunch advocate of alternative, holisitic and integrative medicine in conjunction with conventional medicine to treat chronic disease. Functional Medicine, “root-cause” medicine will change the way healthcare is delivered in this country and improve the outcomes of so many. And at the very root of this is NUTRITION. My kitchen is my favorite room in the house, it should be yours too: it is where you will find the road to health. I used acupuncture, meditation, acutronics, CBD oil, bodywork, physical therapy, herbal supplements and yoga all in conjunction with Western medicine in surviving my grueling cancer treatments and continuing to heal myself from side effects.

About Aya Inspired Crystal Crowley Functional Medicine


At my very core, my body likes to move. It is what makes me happy. To feel my heart beat, to feel strong, to feel capable of handling whatever comes my way. It is my priority to incorporate joyful movement into every single day. I have lifted weights since I was a teenager in competitive gymnastics and it is the one thing that I have always loved the most. The weights never change. They do not judge. They are there every day for you to wrap your hands around and prove that you are good enough and can be better every day. I have also loved running, biking, hiking, dancing, Muai Thai kick boxing, yoga and jumping on the tramp with my kids. You just have to move.

About Aya Inspired Crystal Crowley Staying Active
About Aya Inspired Crystal Crowley Cancer and Health


Colorado Native – I am a 5th generation native of Colorado.

Farmer’s Daughter – I grew up on a WHEAT farm in eastern Colorado. Yes, I have found my body is happiest when I don’t eat wheat gluten. And yes, I am a wheat farmer’s daughter, I get the irony. I am proud beyond measure of the legacy, values and hard work of my wheat farming family. They are moving into the future attempting new ways to grow different grains and be the best possible stewards of our family’s land. They are my favorite people and will always have my back.

Reluctant Dog Owner – I once told my kids we would never have a dog. We now have 2 Yorkies – Vivian and Gloria – who although I find somewhat annoying, I do really love. I’m still not a “dog person” though.

Also Reluctant Trampoline Owner – I also told my kids as a PA in the emergency department, we would never have a trampoline. Well, now a big trampoline with all the most expensive netting and supports sits in my back yard. Ugh. Hope I won’t end up saying “I told you so”.

Travel Lover – My dream one day is to have a condo in Hawaii, apartment in Paris, cabin in the Colorado mountains and a hip empty-nester pad in downtown Boulder or Denver! Have just told my kids they could come visit us – wherever we may be! Our family loves to travel and explore new places.

Collecting Hobbies – I love reading, cooking, gardening, playing piano, watching The Great British Baking Show and House Hunters International (both shows make my entire family groan) a French bottle of cold rose wine, traveling and exploring, early mornings over late nights, hiking in Colorado, the smell of a camp fire, smaller crowds over large parties, sushi, dark chocolate and strong coffee. I also hate being overly hot or cold. Hate it. That’s why I need to have a place in Hawaii.

Dreamer – I want to be a speaker, author, writer, influencer, humorist, friend, blogger, leader, PA, gym junkie, lifestyle inspiring, strong body, healthy food fueled, faith loving and spiritual rocking woman. That’s it. No problem. Time to get moving, start manifesting and make it all happen!


 Board certified Physician Assistant since 2004 currently practicing in pediatric emergency medicine at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

 Senior Clinical Instructor and Clinical Faculty, University of Colorado School of Medicine.

• Institute of Functional Medicine, professional member.

 Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Provider (IFMCP), training currently in progress.

 Functional Nutrition Lab, training in progress for Functional Nutrition Specialist certification.

 Masters of Science, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Physician Assistant Program, 2001-2004.

 Exercise Physiologist, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Cardiac Care Center, 2000-01.

 Bachelors of Arts, Kinesiology/Integrative Physiology, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1996.

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